Water Quality Science International, Inc.

PoBox 389, Richfield, OH 44286
Cell: 330.807.2190
Phone/Fax: 330.847.8950
Direct to Desk: 216.378.1336

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Water Garden (Freshwater) Products:
 Ultra Water Garden Starter Ultra Water Garden Cleaner Ultra Water Garden Cleaner PLUS 2 Ultra Water Garden ZIP

Aquarium (Freshwater) Products:
 Ultra Aquarium Starter Ultra Aquarium Cleaner Ultra Aquarium ZIP

Marine Aquarium (Saltwater) Products:
 Marine Aquarium Starter Marine Aquarium Cleaner Marine Aquarium ZIP

Distributor Inquiries Welcome:
If you would like to be a distributor please let us know:
 Yes - Distributor Interest No - I only have a personal need for WQSII products

aba (Aqua•Bacta•Aid) Products:
Freshwater  aba R-1 aba S-1 aba N-1 aba X-1 aba GRO
Saltwater  aba R-2 aba N-2 aba X-2


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