About WQSII & Beneficial Bacteria

A naturally occurring, biological battle has been going on since the beginning of time. Water Quality Science’s products use nature’s way of balancing this environment in your aquarium or water garden, so your fish can live longer, healthier lives.

WQSII product line utilizes highly concentrated, specially selected, naturally occurring, beneficial bacteria packaged in a dormant state. Bacteria have been used for years in aquaculture to reduce organic wastes and ammonia levels. These products are unique because of the specific selection of bacteria used, the high concentration levels contained in each bottle, and the long shelf life, both before and after opening (18-24 months before opening – 6 months after opening).

About Specific Uses

Strategic purpose of beneficial bacteria in an aquaculture system is to:

1) Decrease the dissolved organics

2) Decrease the suspended and settled fecal and feed materials

3) Oxidize the ammonia-nitrogen and nitrite-nitrogen

4) Decrease oils from fecal and feed materials

5) Improve general water quality

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